Dear Candidate

First of all we would like to thank here the interest shown by our KidsBrain program and encourage you to participate in the selection process that is sure to prove rewarding both personally and professionally.
Careful selection of our teachers is key to our business success because medium and long term Brain Kids depends on the quality of teachers.

Candidate profile

  • > We seek individuals with clear teaching vocation and desire to participate in an innovative project.
  • > What are dynamic, initiative and high sense of responsibility, able to work independently and interact with parents, teachers at the school, franchisees ...
  • > Engagement and looking for a satisfying career in the long term and have a continuous training in innovative teaching methodologies.
  • > Willingness to work with children aged 4 to 14 years, to interact with them and motivate them to achieve program objectives.
  • > Be willing to make the best of themselves in order to get the best out of their students


  1. Elementary Teachers.
  2. Students in their final year of teaching degree in elementary education.
    These are preferred because they are professionals specially trained to teach children in this age profiles.
  3. Other university graduates with strong vocation for teaching.
  4. Student Master in Teacher Training in Secondary Education and Baccalaureate.
  5. Graduates in English philology, with a strong vocation for teaching.

What do we offer?

  • > A successful career long term.
  • > Continuous training in innovative teaching methodologies.
  • > Support from training coordinators for proper development of the activity.
  • > Real possibilities of development within the company. (Coordinators, Instructor trainer, franchisee ...)