About KidsBrain

KidsBrain opened in Spain in 2011, bringing together English, Mathematics and the abacus as a formal programme for the first time. The first KidsBrain centre opened in Ceuta in conjunction with the largest provider of abacus related training in the world. This company started in India in the late 90’s and has been one of the leaders of the abacus development across the globe.
In 2012, KidsBrain formed as an independent Spanish registered company and formally launched the KidsBrain brand. KidsBrain is committed to growth in Spain and internationally.
At the beginning of 2013, KidsBrain began to expand through a franchisee model. To date growth has been phenomenal. We now have a presence in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, La Rioja, Andalucía, Canarias and Ceuta, Mexico. Ireland, Belgium, Italy, Germany etc...

The KidsBrain founders, Raju Shivdasani and Raul Morales, saw an opportunity to create a new and dynamic educational product. The KidsBrain programme brings Eastern techniques to the Western curriculum, through instruction of the Japanese Abacus. The result is the KidsBrain Programme.
The KidsBrain programme now allows each student to reach their full potential in Mathematics.
Our goal is to become the best educational programme available.
The founding team consists of:

•             Raju Shivdasani
Raju is a qualified English teacher, with over 14 years of teaching experience in Spain and the EU. Raju is an official examiner of the Cambridge English Language Assessment examination and runs the biggest network of English language schools in Ceuta, where he opened the first Kids Brain centre. Raju is the KidsBrain Technical and Academic Director.

•             Raul Morales
Raul holds a degree in Mathematics, an Executive MBA and a Masters in Strategy and Innovation from the National University of Ireland (Dublin). Raul brings over 15 years of senior management experience across a range of industries both nationally and internationally. Raul Morales is Director of Development and Expansion.

The KidsBrain management team has worked tirelessly with leading educational professionals from across the globe to develop the KidsBrain programme. Students can now fully develop their mental calculation skills at the most appropriate pace.

As a result, our students can now face the academic and professional challenges that lie ahead of them with confidence in the knowledge that they hold the necessary skills to accept each challenge.
Our mission is to create a better society through the empowerment and education of our students in Maths.